Enter the asylum: Best of American Horror Story season 2


Last Wednesday marked the end of the second season of American Horror Story. After completely falling in love with the first season, I had my hopes up high. Too high, probably. AHS Asylum proved to be quite a wild ride. Setting the second season in an insane asylum in the 60's, Ryan Murphy let his imagination run away with him by incorporating a plotline for every single creepy phenomenon he could think of – Alien abduction, WWII criminals, devil possession and much, much more. What were you on, Ryan?? Christ.


The second season and I have started our relationship on the wrong foot. However, after last week's finale I must admit that looking back, it might've been whack, but it was worth it. And with this optimistic note, let's review my favorite moments of the second season.

Disclaimer: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 2, just in case that wasn't obvious.

A big Fuck You to religion


I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of rape. However, this season of AHS featured one particular rape scene that stuck in my mind. I am referring to the scene in which Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joseph Fiennes) is deflowered by none other than…the Devil. I mean, the Devil is shaped like a blonde and extremely attractive nun, but still. The Devil fucks the priest. Which is awful, but great. First, it was interesting to watch a female on male rape for once. Not that it's some kind of competition or anything but come on, you NEVER see that unless it's a prison show. So for me it WAS pretty refreshing and intriguing to see it happen the other way around, for a change. And also, the Devil rapes a man of god. It might not be the most subtle of messages but I still found it pretty neat.

The poetic demise of Dr. Arden


Dr. Arden was a nasty piece of work at first. Then we all discovered he was a Nazi and a war criminal, with the help of none other than Anne Frank, who made a special appearance midway through the season. Granted, she wasn't the real Anne Frank. That would've been simply too ridiculous and would've completely clashed with all the NORMAL stuff that's been going on in the show, right? Anyway, yup, "Anne Frank" happened. But back to Arden, who was a nasty piece of work at first and then continued to be a nasty piece of work even as he was discovered as an ex-Nazi. To be honest, I didn't really care for his plotline at any point of the season. However, I will admit that the guy had a pretty intense final scene. As many of you, I too was expecting to witness some primetime necrophilia when Arden climbed on top of Mary Eunice's corpse. Oh Arden, I said to myself, going for that pre-cremation final romp, aren'tcha? Well no, he wasn't. He just lay down on top of that beautiful corpse, closed his eyes, and let the fire of the incinerator consume them both, together at last.

The unfortunate tale of Lana Banana


Granted, everyone had it pretty shitty in the asylum. But no one had it as shitty as Lana Del Rey Winters. Is there anything this girl has NOT been through? Honestly, I was just so shocked by how much her character was made to suffer, that I had no other choice but to enjoy the craziness of it all. Now the following list is going to be a little long, but I would still like to review the many woes of miss Winters throughout the season. Put your seatbelts on, kids, and let's begin.

  • Lana gets committed to the Briarcliff asylum and is cut off from the world.
  • She is drugged, beaten and forcibly undergoes Electroconvulsive therapy.
  • She is led to believe her longtime partner has abandoned her to rot in the asylum…
  • …when in fact said girlfriend is actually murdered by Bloodyface and stuck in a freezer.
  • One of her escape attempts leads her to discovering some pretty creepy creatures in the woods, which force her to give up said escape attempt.
  • …until she is helped by Dr. Thredson. Which is great, except…
  • He first tries to "cure" her of her lesbian tendencies with quite the unconventional method.
  • …and then turns out to be none other than the infamous murderer named Bloodyface himself.
  • After presenting her with some quaint household appliances such as a nipple lamp and a peanut bowl made of human skull…
  • he then proceeds to throw her into his basement…
  • ….where she is chained, raped and has her breasts sucked in a mommy-issues manner by the aforementioned murderer.
  • She manages to escape only to find herself in a car with a pretty unstable dude who threatens her and then shoots himself in the head while driving.
  • After the accident, she ends up back in Briarcliff…
  • …where she finds out she's pregnant with Bloodyface's rapechild.
  • In an attempt to abort, she tries sticking a metal hanger in her vagina, which seems to work.
  • But then it doesn't. So she has the baby, and gives it away for adoption.

Lana Banana eventually manages to escape and turns into a renowned author. I guess she deserved a good ending after having to shoot both her child and its father in the head.

The Angel of Death


Albeit her (her!) appearance was brief, there is no doubt that the Angel of Death has left her mark on this season. Played by the wonderful Frances Conroy (whom you might remember as last season's Moira the one-eyed maid), the Angel of Death swoops in, spreads her big beautiful Angel of Death wings, and kisses all your woes goodbye. Well, more accurately, she tries…to do that. But people don't seem to appreciate her attempts very much. HOWEVER, she is still beautiful and flawless and makes one just wish and wish and wish that when the end comes, she will indeed be there, waiting for that kiss.

A cast deserving of all the awards


AHS might be a trip, to say the least, but if there's anything that's kept the show together it's the superb cast. To be honest, everyone was excellent, but the ones who in my opinion shone especially were Lily Rabe, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson and the amazing goddess Jessica Lange.  Lily Rabe did a complete 180 from her role in the previous season and delivered a powerful performance as the demon-possessed nun, Mary Eunice. Quinto and Sarah each proved to be spectacular individually, but together they provided some of the most intense, chilling scenes of the season. And Jessica Lange, well I mean seriously, what can I say that hasn't been said already. Who else, if not Jessica Lange, can deliver a monologue about a goddamn squirrel, which would turn out to be one of the best moments of a television series?

All's well that ends well


Well, well, we have reached the end of the list. My #1 favorite moment (or rather, moments) was without a doubt the season finale. It may seem lame but hell, that episode was worth every ridiculous plotline and every time I rolled my eyes at the screen and wondered why I was still watching this show in the first place. Granted, some things were never explained but, that's what you get for watching a Ryan Murphy creation. Nevertheless, let me count the reasons why the finale was still the highlight of the season. First, Murphy didn't pull any final tricks with the modern-day Bloodyface (Dylan McDermott), which I feared he might do.  That creep got what was coming to him. Second, the interaction between Sister Jude and Kit, or rather between Jessica Lange and Evan Peters, was a nice throwback to season 1, where they played mother and son. That relationship between the two in the finale, to me, felt like a bittersweet glimpse of the relationship last season's Tate and Constance should have had. And last but certainly not least, the dialogue between Lana and Jude in the final scene of the episode abruptly took us back to the beginning of everything and we could see, feel and fear all that could, and all that will be. That scene, which concluded this rollercoaster of a season, was probably one of the best things Ryan Murphy has ever done.

Wanna see some hot ladies burned at the stake? You'll have to wait for next season, which, as it appears now, will delve into the fascinating world of witchcraft!

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  1. Neta הגיב:

    you fucking gave me goosebumps.
    I'm going to miss you SO much AHS! :((

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